SMA Negeri 5 Medan : SAOS (Sweet art of Smanli)

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SMA Negeri 5 Medan proudly presents SAOS (Sweet art of Smanli) that will be held on March 1st 2014 at SMA Negeri 5 Medan (from 08:00 until the end) WIB. 

Guest Star: VIERRATALE, Still Virgin & Vero Yudistira(Magician) 

You can see: *Not Xmprewell *Dancing With Panda *Finger Print *Bubble Gum *Sendok Garpu *Jeremia Franz Zeke c’mon there are much Local Band!

SMA Negeri 5 Medan : SAOS (Sweet art of Smanli)

You’ll see..•Food Bazaar•Clothing Fest•Dance Regist•Band Regist•Hiphop Regist•and many more Open Band, Dance, Hiphop, or other talents, From December 25th 2013-February 2nd 2014, wanna show? 

Contact us! (081362474825, Masyitoh Abdina)

Ticket price : 

1st Pre-sale(25Dec2013-8jan2014) 60k 

2nd Pre-sale(09jan2014-9Feb2014) 65k 

3rd Pre-sale(10Feb2014-28Feb2014)70k 

On the spot(March1St2014) 80k Be the First!

Ticket Box : SMA N 5 Medan The tickets are available now! Grab your tickets now and see you there! C’mon the tickets are limited!

For more information,follow us on twitter @SAOSmanli, instagram @SAOSmanli, Facebook (FP) SAOS Smanli booking ticket and information :

(Masyitoh Abdina 081362474825/27597812)

(Dewi Sri Rezeki 085762068616/297B58D3)

(Harry Adriansyah 087769453842/75FFF145)

Sekian! SMA Negeri 5 Medan : SAOS (Sweet art of Smanli)

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