Kompetisi Rap : Medan RAP 2010 Present “RISE UP GET UP”

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Kompetisi Rap : Location : At 2nd Floor of Convention Hall Amaliun Food Court Jalan Amaliun No.3 Medan. Date : 1 August 2015 


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Line Up Guest Star : 

1. Chris AP

2. Jaypey

3. Ucok Munthe

4. 165 Nation

5. Jere Fundamental

6. D Apartemen

7. MSB (Medan Street B-Boy)

And also : Gendang Mulut, Graffiti Creator by Soulfourteen, ONE VOICE, V.A.T Slide, Point 20, Lilyo, Big Truck, Mack Daddy, KSR Family, and Medan Indo Rap.

Open Registration!!

– Rap Competition

Regist : 20k

Penyisihan : 25 Juli 2015 di Seven Luwi Jalan K.H Wahid Hasyim No.9 Medan

Technicall Meeting : 22 Juli 2015 di Seven Luwi Jalan K.H Wahid Hasyim No.9 Medan

Final : 01 Agustus 2015 di Amaliun Foodcourt Lantai 2 Jalan Amaliun No.3 Medan

(Penampilan 30 peserta dari babak penyisihan menuju Final Kompetisi Rap)

– Special Performance

Support : 300K 

Free 5 + Perfom Durasi 10 menit + Pencantuman Logo di Materi Publikasi Acara

Ticket OTS (On The Spot) : 20k

Contact person untuk Pendaftaran Kompetisi Rap, Special Performance dan Sponsorship :

– Try Astuti (083198853232) Pin 769E1E98

– Bowi (081262621049) Pin 51D7736B

– Adam Taufiqh (081934224785)

And follow us on:

Twitter : @2010medanrap

Instagram : @medanrap2010

Thank you for your attention 🙂

Save the date and keep supporting us m/



1. Pendaftaran Kompetisi Rap tutup pada 18 Juli 2015

2. Pendaftaran Spesial Performance tutup pada 30 Juni 2015

3. Deadline pengumpulan bentuk Support (untuk Special Performance), pengiriman logo (untuk Sponsor, Media Partner, dan Special Performance) paling lama 30 Juni 2015. Pengiriman logo melalui email [email protected]

4. Segala info tentang Acara RISE UP GET UP bisa berubah sewaktu-waktu

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